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Bookkeeping simplified

While you're busy running your business, we'll be busy taking care of your bookkeeping. Each month we'll send you flawless financial reports. Questions? We'll always be a call or email away.

 Get Started
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Hello, welcome on-board

Getting started is easy. We'll setup a call to talk about your business and whether Notanobo would be a good fit. We'll dive right into what's keeping you up at night. Once we have a thorough under­standing of your business, we'll set you up with the perfect plan.

A perfect fit, everytime

One size doesn't fit all, your business is unique. So we tailor our bookkeeping approach to fit your business, your goals and your strategies. We integrate with how you do business and your bookkeeping team fits in where needed. Say goodbye to all those time consuming tasks that you hate doing.

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We like to start with a solid foundation. Before jumping into the monthly bookkeeping, we will review your bookkeeping processes and double check the numbers. Then your team will make suggestions about how to increase efficiency and streamline your operations. No need to tidy up, we've seen it all.

Each Month

Lots of bookkeeping

At the beginning of each month your team will gather up any necessary financial documen­tation. Bank and credit card transactions are imported auto­matically, everything is cate­gorized and then all accounts are reconciled.

Some questions

The odd time we may need more information. If anything pops up we'll reach out for clarification. After the first month, your team will have a deep understanding of your business and will need little input month to month.

Review, review

Once your books are complete, we'll double-check the numbers. We'll generate all the financial reports you need. And then your bookkeeper will send you a message letting you know everything is ready for review.