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When you partner with Notanobo, we do your client's books and you get to focus on the important stuff — tax services, advisory work and growing your practice.

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We get it

We're acutely aware of the dynamic between bookkeeping and accounting. Sluggish and poorly done bookkeeping is a bottleneck that brings engagements to a crawl, lowers your margins and frustrates your clients. We do things differently.

We're different

The numbers now

With Notanobo, your client's bookkeeping is constantly updated — we strive to complete monthly bookkeeping within 5 business days. So when it comes time to tax plan or complete a year-end, everything is ready for you.

Bottom-line growth

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships. To this end, we offer revenue share for every client referral. We're also always on the lookout for awesome CPA firms that would be a good fit for our clients.

A year-end breeze

Every year we prepare an year end package for each client that includes financial statements as well as backup. Rather than spending time requesting documents over and over again, you'll have everything you need.

Inspected + stamped

Our accounting roots run deep. Prior to Notanobo, both our founders spent over a decade each in public practice. To ensure accuracy, a CPA team member double checks the numbers each month.